Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Bizu Style Studio Review

When we received Bizu style studio my first impression was that it looked very complicated making bracelets that turn into animals from beads.

We soon discovered with the help of Bizu Style Studio it was actually really simple.

The box your studio comes in is really funky with lots of bright coloured pictures on showing many of the fantastic creations you can design.

You are supplied with 40 different beads, 4 clasp/elastics, the attachment tool and your studio.
Setting your studio up really only takes minutes as it only requires you to place your beads in the correct order and it doesn't require batteries so that's a big plus for us.

So once your all set up it's really simple all you have to do is spin the different levels with beads in you have 4 levels and put your selected ones by the green background, once your happy with your selection twist the top and the bead all come out down the shoot.

Now all that is left is to make your bracelet, your clasp/elastic has a small hole so it sits nicely on the attachment tool then your beads slide on very easily in the correct order, you do get little cards to show you the correct order in case you do get stuck.

 That's it your done and with a couple of clever twists your bracelet becomes an animal.

Our experience with Bizu has been a very positive one and we would definitely recommend this to others.

We were really impressed with the quality and ease of use of Bizu and with 50+ to collect I am sure we will be adding to our collection.

The Bizu Style Studio RRP IS £19.99 and the additional bead set start from as little as £5.99.

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