Thursday, 3 November 2011

Explosive Experiments Toyologist Review

The Toys R Us Wagon
pulled up to our door
we wondered what Geoffrey giraffe
had in store ???

When we opened the box
the children were singing
my ears are still ringing

Horrible Science                                                          
They make some good stuff
amongst other stuff

There's a Top Secret note book
and a big bag of sand
first impressions
it looks rather grand

There's a lot of cool stuff
but worry thee not
you can even make
a big pot of snot

With a big volcano
and rocket ship too
inside the box
6 experiments to do

The kids assure me
this really is cool
and wearing these goggles
I don't look a fool

The lab book shows you
one step at a time
its easy to follow
just like our rhyme

This really was FUN
but I have got to run
as the kids are trying
to BLOW up their Mum !!!


We reviewed Horrible science explosive experiments and had a lot of fun, you do have to add a few things to complete the experiments but nothing out of the ordinary.

The children thought this was brilliant, Thomas who is 10 really loved this set, the instructions were really clear too, although we have not done all the experiments as yet we have done the lava lamp and the pot of snot and both have been very easy to do.

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