Tuesday, 8 November 2011

HEX BUG Nano habitat set Toyologist review

Hexbug's are really funny little creatures, little robot bugs.
I had seen  advertised on TV and always thought they looked really good, so I was very excited when they arrived in our Toys R Us Toyologist box.

In the Hexbug Habitat Set  you get 2 extremely rare mutations (Hexbugs) in little test tubes and a set that you can arrange in numerous ways.

The set simply slots together which is very easy to do my youngest who's 6 had no problems connecting it, you have little openings that you can have open or closed to stop you Hexbug escaping, then all you have to do is simply switch your Hexbug on and they jitter around.

I didn't think much of these if I am honest, I thought they would do a lot more than they do but the children really enjoyed them and found lots of games to play including Hexbug Battles, first bug on its back loses.

The children really liked Hexbugs and although I am still not sure , the children are what matters.
I have to give this points for the easy of set up and playing it really only takes minutes to set up and your off playing maybe our new Hexbug pets will grow on me as they are keeping the children very entertained

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  1. I personally love Hexbugs. My friend, Liam, Showed me them and thye have grew on mee too.