Tuesday, 29 November 2011


We where sent 2 different types of NERF VORTEX guns in our Toys R Us Toyologist box, we are massive fans of the NERF guns so a little worried if they could live up to the high standards of the bullet ones we had already played with.

The Nerf Vortex guns have little 1.5" disc's instead of the usual bullets, but are the same concept.

Our first Review is of the Nerf Vortex Proton gun, the RRP is £12.99 on this gun, on opening the box I was a bit disappointed that you only receive 3 disc's, you can buy these separately which I would strongly recommend as my 3 lost one in the first 10 minutes of playing.

Loading the proton gun is pretty easy, all you have to do is pull back a slot and place your disc in and you have a little button which closes the slot and your away.

You can only load one disc at a time with this gun so the children were not too impressed as they really wanted to battle and this took a bit of time after each shot.

The gun fires the disc a good way so it is very easy and does what it say, the quality of the gun is great as always with Nerf guns and the disc's did not jam at all .

The second gun we received was the Nerf Vortex Vigilon, the RRP for this gun is £17.99.

This is a larger gun and you get 5 discs, this also has the rapid reload so you can load 5 disc's at a time.

Loading was really easy with this gun also all you had to do was flick a switch and the door opened load your disc close and your ready, to fire you simply pull back and fire.

You also have a release switch with this gun, so if you pull back and do not want to fire you press this and the disc just falls out instead of fires which is great.

My children preferred the Vigilon gun because of the rapid reload but had great fun with both, They did say that they liked the Nerf bullet Guns more but I am sure it is just the fact that they have a lot of bullets.

Great fun for everyone playing except me when I become the TARGET !!

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