Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Scraperfoil Gift set Toyologist Review

We were sent the Scraperfoil gift set to review from Toys R Us in our Toyologist box.

There is no recommended age on the box just unsuitable for under 36 months due to sharp parts on your scraper.

I was very happy at first that this set had 3 pictures included, with being a mum of 3 there would be no arguing over who was having a turn, they could have a picture each and mum would get a little bit of peace, you also get 2 scrapers included.

The pictures have lighter parts which you need to scrape away to reveal your foil effect,  they are very detailed unfortunately Michael 6 quickly gave up and really didn't want to do his picture saying it was too hard.

Sophie 8 is a bit of a perfectionist and found it really difficult, she soon asked me to do here picture as she said it was so hard, I found it quite therapeutic and enjoyed it.

Thomas 10 seemed to enjoy it at first but soon tired of it, I do think maybe a little less detail to the pictures or maybe 3 different levels of pictures would maybe have kept them interested longer.

This is definitely for older children with lots of patience unfortunately we didn't have any.

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