Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Smart Games North Pole Camouflage Review

We were sent North Pole Camouflage game to Review from Toys R Us, which is part of the Smart Games collection.

The game comes with a small plastic box on which you play and also the lid slides off so you can store all the pieces in one place.

This game is great for keeping everyone entertained and ideal for travelling , Inside you have 48 different challenges at four different levels, starter, junior, Expert and Master each challenge has a different picture and you have to place you 6 transparent pieces, which have polar bears, whales and fishes on in the correct place on the picture, Polar bears on the Ice, Whales and Fishes in the water and nothing on top of the Eskimos, sounds easy doesn't it, it actually gets quite puzzling and you can sit for ages trying but you won't give in.

It really surprised me how hard this actually can get, and actually how addictive it can become  we had so much fun with this game.
My husband sat up til past Midnight playing this and I was itching to get it off him to have a go myself .

The age rating is ages 6 years to 99 years and couldn't be more correct, we will definitely be getting more Smart Games as we have had so much fun with this one.

This has been one of our favorite toys we've had we really love it,  it's so simple to use but keeps you occupied for hours, anyone can play, its portable and very addictive, this is a must for everyone and a great gift for all ages.

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  1. I love the smartgames too deffinately a must have!