Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Hectic Christmas and birthdays

I have had the most hectic Christmas, my sister is 31 weeks pregnant and was rushed to hospital 4 days before christmas and has been in since, hence my lack of posts. she has a 4 year old and 2 year old so it has all been a little mad.
today my little baby turned 7 so another very busy day ahead

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Cars 2 secret spy attack Review

We received secret spy attack Finn Mc Missile in our Toys R Us Toyologist box, this retails for £29.99 at the moment it is on offer at Toys R Us for £24.79 bargain

I was very impressed that it is an open box so you can see and feel before you buy.

The car is a really good size approximately 1 foot in length and is so easy to use, Finn Mc Missile says 15 different phrases which is a really cool feature.

Michael 6 and my 2 nephews who are 4 and 2 have really enjoyed this toy and really never tired of it.

You get 3 missiles with this car and they are so easy to fit and fire this feature was definitely a favourite with the boys.

The car itself is push along I did think it would be a pull back and go one but the children did not seem to mind at all.

Secret spy Mc Missile has a instant pop open spy screen and rear missile which is again very easily activated.

The younger boys really like Mc Missile, the car is good quality and has stood the test of time with them, also if you have little ones who like to peel off stickers do not worry as my nephew is always doing this and tried his hardest with Mc Missiles eyes but there is a ridge and you cannot see of feel were this starts or finishes so he failed on this occasion my sister was really impressed with this.

The only thing I can fault is that it takes 3 LR44 batteries which are similar to watch batteries so you most likely will not have these in the kitchen drawers, other than that this is a brilliant toy.

Monday, 19 December 2011

Playmobil Top Agent Toyologist review

When we received Playmobil Top Agent Battle Yacht - Robo Gangster in our Toys R Us Toyologist Box, I initially thought oh no!!!

We have only ever had Playmobil once before and I have to be honest I was not a big fan to say the least.

The Top Agent Battle Yacht - Robo Gangster set retails at £34.99 and is recommended for ages 7 to 12 years.

Inside the box your pieces come in small bags and the instructions are picture led, I decided to leave the boys to it to see how they got on and was surprised how easily they assembled this, I was not asked once for help and they managed fine without any adult help.

The boys really took to Playmobil and asked me why they they did not have any of this as it was so good.

Once assembled you have a big speed boat which has 2 firing missiles and a smaller vehicle which fits on top of your boat and its actually really good.

You also get 2 figures and quite a few accessories including a small brief case with money inside, you can also buy separately an underwater motor for this boat which the boys desperately want.

So have I changed my opinion on playmobil the simple answer is YES, its good quality fun to build and great to play with, we will be buying Playmobil in the very near future and highly recommend this.

MechTech Transformers Toyologist Review

We were sent 4 different MechTech Transformers in our Toys R Us Toyologist box to review.

This is our first experience with Transformers, well my husband remembers them from when he was small but me and the children have never played with them before now, but from the look on their faces they were very happy.

The Transformers Mechtech range start at £12.99 and go right up to £69.99 so a good variety for all budgets.

They have 3 different levels 1 being the easier and 3 being advanced, the recommended age on them is 5+ we received levels 2 and 3.

The boxes they come in are a good size and have a clear font so you can see you transformer, some of the larger ones have sound effects and light up.

We received STARSCREAM which was the first one the boys opened, the RRP is £12.99 for this one and it is stage 2 .

Michael 7 needed some help at first to transform this but once he got the understood the pictured instructions he managed with most of the transformation alone, a great feature on these is the parts are designed so that if they are pressed to hard they pop off and then they are easily clicked back on and with Michael being heavy handed this was a great plus as this happened quite a few times.
Thomas 10 managed fine with this one although I would definitely keep the instructions safe as they are quite fiddly to do and very detailed.

The boys really enjoyed this and could not wait to get started on another one.

The second one the boys opened was the Optimus Prime Autobot which RRP is £21.99, this is also level 2 age 5+.

This one seemed more difficult to transform than the first one even though it was still stage 2, I really could not see a 5 year old doing this so maybe the recommended age should be adjusted with the difficulty levels, Thomas my 10 year old managed to transform this after a while with a little help from mum even though the instructions are all picture led they can be a little difficult to follow at times, definitely one for the older boys. 

The  quality of the mechtech range is really good and this transformer is a great size .

The third one was Ironhide with a RRP of £34.99 this one was level 3 but again displayed a recommended age of 5+.
This lights up and has sound effect and takes 2 AA batteries.

Thomas gave up transforming this one after a good try, and asked Dad to transform for him, I have to say it took dad a good 40 minutes to do, so I decided to ask my brother who is a massive transformer fan in case my other half was just a little slow and it took him a good 30 minutes.

We found that if you did not position the part in the exact place it would not go together. 

I think this is a great Transformer for collectors but the children found it a disappointment that they could not do it, although they had lots of fun playing with it as a figure.

The fourth and final one the boys played with was the Ultimate optimus prime which retails at £69.99, this is a stage 3 and is a really good size.
Lights and sound effect takes 2aa batteries

 This one took the men over an hour to transform, but they enjoyed every minute, the boys played with this but wouldn't try to transform it, they just asked dad and uncle Paul to do it for them although they did help in parts.
This is another one I would say for a collector or a great gift for dad to take them back to their childhood.
The Transformers Mechtech range is amazing the detailing to the figures is out of this world the only downfall is how hard they are I really would only buy my children stage 1 maybe stage 2 but my brother who collects them absolutely loved everything about them all so very mixed views.

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