Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Cars 2 secret spy attack Review

We received secret spy attack Finn Mc Missile in our Toys R Us Toyologist box, this retails for £29.99 at the moment it is on offer at Toys R Us for £24.79 bargain

I was very impressed that it is an open box so you can see and feel before you buy.

The car is a really good size approximately 1 foot in length and is so easy to use, Finn Mc Missile says 15 different phrases which is a really cool feature.

Michael 6 and my 2 nephews who are 4 and 2 have really enjoyed this toy and really never tired of it.

You get 3 missiles with this car and they are so easy to fit and fire this feature was definitely a favourite with the boys.

The car itself is push along I did think it would be a pull back and go one but the children did not seem to mind at all.

Secret spy Mc Missile has a instant pop open spy screen and rear missile which is again very easily activated.

The younger boys really like Mc Missile, the car is good quality and has stood the test of time with them, also if you have little ones who like to peel off stickers do not worry as my nephew is always doing this and tried his hardest with Mc Missiles eyes but there is a ridge and you cannot see of feel were this starts or finishes so he failed on this occasion my sister was really impressed with this.

The only thing I can fault is that it takes 3 LR44 batteries which are similar to watch batteries so you most likely will not have these in the kitchen drawers, other than that this is a brilliant toy.

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