Monday, 19 December 2011

Playmobil Top Agent Toyologist review

When we received Playmobil Top Agent Battle Yacht - Robo Gangster in our Toys R Us Toyologist Box, I initially thought oh no!!!

We have only ever had Playmobil once before and I have to be honest I was not a big fan to say the least.

The Top Agent Battle Yacht - Robo Gangster set retails at £34.99 and is recommended for ages 7 to 12 years.

Inside the box your pieces come in small bags and the instructions are picture led, I decided to leave the boys to it to see how they got on and was surprised how easily they assembled this, I was not asked once for help and they managed fine without any adult help.

The boys really took to Playmobil and asked me why they they did not have any of this as it was so good.

Once assembled you have a big speed boat which has 2 firing missiles and a smaller vehicle which fits on top of your boat and its actually really good.

You also get 2 figures and quite a few accessories including a small brief case with money inside, you can also buy separately an underwater motor for this boat which the boys desperately want.

So have I changed my opinion on playmobil the simple answer is YES, its good quality fun to build and great to play with, we will be buying Playmobil in the very near future and highly recommend this.

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  1. Playmobil toys are fantastic for encouraging imaginative play for little one. They give kids the room to imagine and explore the unfamiliar