Sunday, 26 February 2012

Secondary school placement wait

As every parent understands once their child reaches year 6, you have the dreaded decision of trying to choose the best secondary school for your child.
I like most found this really difficult what if I picked wrongly this was actually the hardest decision I have ever had to make, much harder than buying a house or picking a wedding dress this massive decision was my child's future and even worse what if they did not get a placement !!!

We have 3 secondary schools near us 1 which is catholic so this was not an option the other two like many parents we went and walked around taking the grand tour and meeting pupils basically cemented our original choice but catch we live just on the boundary or the catchment area like many other children applying.

The applying on the form it requests you put down 3 options, I did not want any other school and neither did my son, the secondary school we have picked is next door to my children's primary school so I will be there if my boy will still walk with me ( so many parents have told me once they go into high school it is not cool to be seen with mum) my boy still kisses me at the school gate, NEVER to old to kiss mum.

So the on line for had to be completed the beginning of October 2011, why does it take soooooo long to give us parents the decision Did our child get a placement ?? myself like many other parents am going loopy waiting, I try not to think about what if he is refused but as the 1st March draws closer my heart is sinking.

Really what if we do not get a place, Like thousands of other parents its a waiting game, and if I have not totally lost the plot by announcement day I will hopefully be able to celebrate.

Good luck if your a year 6 mum like me xx

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