Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Auditory processing difficulties - what next

Michael my youngest has had a long battle with his hearing and breathing problems, everything had been fine until his first birthday when he got Scarlet fever, and things went down hill his hearing was affected I did have to battle as I was told his hearing was fine by the age of two he had a teacher for the deaf and a speech therapist coming to see him weekly, and to add to this he was in and out of hospital with breathing problems severe asthma.

Now at 7 years old in year 2 his hearing loss has really gotten much better and he speaks brilliant, he does have SEN, me and his teacher decided he could benefit from another hearing test so a couple of weeks ago we went along to audiology and his hearing was ok, but Auditory processing disorder was explained to us and we were told it was very hard to diagnose but Michael did have Auditory processing difficulties and  most hospitals will not diagnose Auditory processing disorder no follow up appointments nothing.

 we are very lucky as my sons teacher has arranged one to one maths of a morning when all the other children are in assembly and he gets other one to one support in class but my worry is what will happen when the support stops?

We were told by Audiology that there was no need for a further follow up appointment with them as they could not treat Michael, so feeling a little lost  .

It  looks like google and finding other parents and ways to push Michael as hard as possible is my only way forward to try and help Michael as much as possible memory was one of the really low results so will be on the look out for memory games and as much information as I can get.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Ravensburger 3D Puzzle Review - not just your average puzzle

When we were asked to write a review for the Ravensburger 3D Puzzle we jumped at the chance, The 3D initial launch collection has 4 different amazing designs, The Eiffel Tower, Big Ben , The Empire States Building and A Red and White Lighthouse.

The puzzles have 216 pieces which include hinged and curved pieces and amazingly no glue is required because of great interlocking system, The recommended age for these is age 10-99 years, so an ideal gift for everyone, The prices start around £16.99 rrp.

We received the Eiffel Tower puzzle which once completed 
stand a brilliant 44cm tall.    

Inside the box you receive a very study cardboard decorative base, 7 plastic parts which will help form your 3D Eiffel Tower, 216 jigsaw pieces and your instructions which have some very interesting facts about the building you are going to make.

Thomas my 10 year old made a start on our puzzle, all the pieces are numbered which make things easier when constructing, The Eiffel Tower is built in three sections so Thomas decided to separate the jigsaw pieces for each part the numbers he needed were clearly noted on the instructions and this made things a lot easier and saved lots of time too.

Thomas set up his base and began building he built each part before placing it on the base and the puzzle was sturdy enough to do this, the pieces clipped together and stayed in place which really helped him to do it this way, The hinged pieces seemed a little tricky at first but he quickly got the hang of how to do them.

As the puzzle got taller, it also got thinner which made the pieces a little harder to place but Thomas managed fine.

Thomas really enjoyed making this puzzle and needed no help in doing it, he now has his completed puzzle on display in his room, I cannot say anything negative about this puzzle Only positive.

 Thomas has said he wants the other ones now, we would recommend for people of all ages.