Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Lego Toyologist Fun

Last year our family were very lucky to be chosen to be Toys R Us Toyologists, we had so much fun being part of the team we were really excited to apply again.  Geoffrey giraffe has asked applicants to review a must have toy and being huge Lego fans the children decided that no home should be with out it so here's our review.....

Lego is made of a very sturdy plastic, is totally washable, comes in a massive variety of shapes and sizes which interlock together to form your structure, you can get so many different sets including some well know characters sponge bob, Harry potter Star wars the list is endless

Thomas building with some of our Lego


Lego sets come with a really easy to follow booklet to make the model and give great step by step pictures to follow.

Inside every Lego box you have enough bits to keep you child busy and start them getting creative, some of the larger sets can seem expensive but once you see how many different things can be made you will be amazed I think this is why Lego has been around for so long infact Lego bricks first came out in 1949, my kids asked if I remember Lego coming out, my quick reply was Noooo but dad does haha .


Lego friends is more for girls and is a group of 5 girls,you can get a beauty parlour, cars, dog shows and lots more very girly Lego sets, it's totally awesome so Sophie who is 9 has told me " it is pink and purple also lots of ponies and girl figures".

Michael made a friend for Geoffrey
We have all sorts of Lego,  infact I really would not like to guess how many pieces we own and the children really never get bored, I love the fact that you can use you imagination and make so many different things, when the children first started getting Lego they found it difficult to understand that you do not just have to build the model on the box you can make anything you want but now they totally get it and we have so much fun.

The children spend hours playing with Lego and find it very rewarding its great for rainy days, I love to see any child use there imagination and to me that's what Lego is all about.

Lego prices start from as little as £1.99 and go up you can also buy and collect the different figures adding these to any of your child's creations.

Lot's of toys get released for a second time some a third, very few keep going for this length of time and I think Lego will be going for many many more years to come.

Our overall thoughts on Lego:-

Lego is brilliant and encourages children to be creative.

We have never had a piece of Lego break so it must be strong.

There is no boundaries with Lego, you can make anything from a nuclear powered flying saucers with a castle on top to a farm yard or zoo there is nothing with Lego that you cannot do.

                                                          available at Toys R Us