Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Acute Myelogenous Leukemia ( AML ) and Asbestos

People always find themselves looking for answers and still I search to find out what went wrong, I find myself asking so many questions and am still searching.

My dad was a average 59 year old he had worked all of his life one job he worked in Liverpool anglican cathedral doing the maintenance work  before knowing the dangers of asbestos he done many jobs in there which involved asbestos years later he was contacted to ask him to go for a lung biopsy due to the hazards when he worked there, he said he really would not want to know as there was no cure for this.

Another few years passed and he had his regular routine bloods done, the hospital called that evening asking him to go in, he agreed to go the next morning which was a Saturday ( I can remember every little detail of this time).  He went the hospital the next day and they seemed surprised how well he looked and asked lots of bizzare questions and told him the needed to do a bone marrow biopsy asap they would call him Monday to arrange it , they gave him an appointment for the thursday I remember being a little concerned as I knew what the biopsy was for.

On the Wednesday evening we were all at my sisters house and my dad was fine playing with the children and even fitted roof bars on the car, the next day he went for the biopsy and was sent home I spoke to my mum who seemed concerned about him, I went down to there home as I entered my mum was on the phone it was the hospital they had dads results and needed him in the next day but if any concerns take him to A&E .
My dad seemed very confused and extremely sleepy , so we decided to take him the hospital little did I know this would be his last car journey by the time w arrived he did not know who my mum was and when the doctor asked if he knew who I was he didnt in fact he didnt know what a pen was, how could things change so quickly.

My dad was admitted to hospital and the following day we were told my dad had acute myelogenous leukemia and would need 4 months of very intense chemo we decided not to tell him for now as he was too confused, that evening we had a phone call to get to the hospital asap I have never drove so quickly in all my life, my dad had had massive fits and had a bleed on his brain caused by the leukemia and if they could not get a response he was going to be left no treatment was being done .

My sister made my dad wake up and when I say made him she would not give in and he did he was rushed to icu and placed on a ventilator , life seemed so unreal and I don't think I will ever accept that this disease can act so quickly, the following day sunday dad was taken off the ventilator and he woke he knew who we were and seemed like himself again could he get through this all we had was hope .

On the Monday we waited to go in to see him but were told the dr's were performing a procedure and to wait over an hour passed and I was getting concerned what was happening when we finally got into the room I asked how he was and he was in pain he told me he felt like he was dying it broke my heart but I knew he was, I called my sister to come to the hospital. the nurse gave him some pain relief  he settled and went t sleep little did we know that was the last time my dad would be awake., we waited and asked if he was in a normal sleep the nurse told us yes he was, so we decided to go home.
My mum was staying in mine, we were sat chatting and decided to call the hospital to check the nurse who answered said she was just about to call us and we should go up it was 9.30pm and we headed up meeting my brother and sister  there, we knew things were not good and my dad was in a coma he was not responding we waited till 1.30am tuesday and the dr took us to a room and he said there was nothing they could do for him they could not treat him I could not believe my ears 4 days ago we were sat playing and having a laugh life seemed so unfair, they started removing the drips from my dad and I went the toilet , I could not breath my phone rang it was my mum I ran back but I was to late my dad my hero had gone. 

My dad was only 59 and we buried him the day before my mums 60th birthday, we still gave her the ring dad had bought her , but I don't think I can rest till I get answers, I have looked at my dads life and I keep getting back to the asbestos I know that there has been clinical studies and the two are related so if you find yourself reading my blog through searching please share your story.

Please consider signing up to Anthony Nolan you really could make a difference to so many people.

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