Thursday, 28 March 2013

My child now has a dentist phobia

Well things did not go as planned today with Michael's tooth extraction, he had really prepared himself and knew he would have a needle being 8 years old this was a big concern but he coped fine with this part even though the dentist could of used a numbing gel prior to this and never,  I was so proud of my boy then things started to go wrong, as soon as the dentist gave him the anaesthetic he got the instruments to remove Michael's tooth, I did ask if he needed to wait for it to go numb as I always have, I was told no....... this is when things went wrong Michael said he could feel everything and it was hurting but the dentist assured me it was just the pressure he could feel, Michael went hysterical shouting it was hurting, I was starting to panic as I could see in my son's face he was scared and then the dreaded asthma kicked in...... after a few tugs and pushes and some blood I was told he is not going to let me do this today, come back when he can no longer bear the pain he will let me do it then, OK so he may have been panicking but he is only 8 years old and this was scary for him, it was so traumatic he ended up having a asthma attack in the car......... I feel so sorry for my son his little face is swollen and he is in pain, I called the dental ward at alder hey and explained my situation, that I thought my son would never enter a dentist surgery again they have agreed to see Michael, he is terrified that someone is going to look at his teeth again and I can not blame him, my child will never sit in a dentist chair again without fear in his face.
I am looking for a new dentist preferably a child friendly one.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Endometriosis hysterectomy not really a cure

I had my hysterectomy nearly 3 years ago, and I really thought that it was the best solution for my endometriosis, I was never told that the endometriosis could return until this year I started getting pains again and thought no it can not be back then 3 weeks ago I was in agony, I visited my GP who told me no it could not be back and she carried out various blood tests, the pain continued so I returned seeing a different doctor and she said endometriosis can return and I needed to see a gyny consultant, I have seen the consultant who has explained that the endometriosis could be back on different organs maybe my bowel or bladder causing the pain, I have been so bad I ended up in casualty, now I am booked in for a laparoscopy on Wednesday and dosed up on tramadol and various other pain relief, I just do not understand why I had major surgery and was never advised that it could come back.

Endometriosis is a really painful disease and I have suffered for so long, I will post more regarding my journey with this disease and the results of wednesdays findings.

Make sure you are sure if offered a hysterectomy for endometriosis that you know it can come back and is not always the answer.

bad teeth, asthma steroids or antibiotics

Today I feel so emotional, my baby boy (ok not so baby but 8 years old) needs to have one of his back teeth removed after suffering for a few weeks with it, he always had such beautiful teeth and when he was younger had severe asthma and hearing problems and I really think the medications have damaged his teeth, I know this is not my fault as he would have been so poorly without the medication, no win situation.  One time he was given a prescription for 6 months of antibiotics to be taken over the winter months to help stop his eardrums perforating, he has been on steroids for over 6 years and I really feel for him, what mother does not want beautiful teeth for their children, I am picking him up from school at 2pm and dentist at 3pm I have not told him yet as I did not want him to worry, although he does know it is going to happen he just does not know it is going to be today ....... wish him and me luck.


Saturday, 23 February 2013

Knowsley safari park fun

Yesterday I was delighted that my husband had a day off , I had seen a half price voucher on knowsley safari parks facebook page and thought we could put this to good use, with the weather being so cold a safari drive would be perfect.
We pick 2 of the children's friends up, we have had many days out and even held a season ticket a few years ago when they were half price still watching out for this again, as we are only 20 minutes away the children were far from bored in the car, when we arrived it was really busy in fact I have to admit I have never seen it so busy the queue went down really quickly, our safari drive for 7 of us came to a total of £46 which I thought was pretty good a lot cheaper than the cinema and most other places.

We decided to pull over at the toilets and put all the back seats down so the children could all move around and see everything they wanted everyone also had a visit to the toilet as its a long way to the next toilet stop.

We always take lots of food as my children get hungry as soon as we set off on any day out and this was no exception, we seen lots of animal and had a really good time, think it was too cold for the tigers as they were not out but the lions and monkeys were a massive hit, we do the car friendly route as Michael goes to pieces if a monkey gets on the car and to be honest it is much more fun watching them damage someone Else's car.

At the end we would have purchased a wristband if it had not been so cold, at £10 they are a bargain on warm days as lots of great rides to go on, instead we got 2 ride tickets each which are priced at £2 each.

we did not get to see the sea lions as it was full, so have promised the children we will go again soon so they can see the sea lions, the bug house was really good, and the bat house too they are all included in the safari entry which is great.
knowsley safari park is a great day out for all.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Scs order and my rights to cancel

I have avoided blogging regarding this whilst it was on going but now my journey with ScS is over I wanted to share.
I really wish I had done my homework on purchases before I entered scs store back in October, I really wanted a new sofa and was browsing shops  looking for my perfect suite, I entered Scs in speke liverpool and was approached by a sales lady when I was admiring a leather suite, I was disheartened with it as the cushions were fixed I like to hoover under them and this was something I preferred, she pointed me towards my dream sofa and explained it was the most durable leather on the market, I loved it and could imagine it in my living room, now I am a sucker when it comes to buying anything which is why I had my mum and husband in tow my mum and husband asked several times was it all leather the reply was yes, she stated that if I ordered that day she could also offer me a discount with the managers consent so I agreed, the manager came over and we discussed price my mum haggled with him as that is her thing so happily I left a deposit and even took my mum for a meal, that evening I decided to show my sister the suite I had ordered online and it clearly stated that it was in fact composite leather made up of 70% leather and 30 man-made fibres, my heart sank I was paying £2500 for this suite and felt devastated that I had been lied to, the next morning I called the store and asked to speak to the manager I was put through to the assistant manager whom told me he would describe it as all leather as it is all composite leather, I explained that when I went to school all was whole and whole was 100% .

Anyway after a long battle and letter back and forth I received a letter stating they would be cancelling my order and keeping my deposit, I found this very unfair and decided I would be taking the matter further .......

I started a small claims court claim against Scs and it actually was a lot easier than I could have imagined, after they did not reply I was able to serve judgement against them and finally ScS called a refunded my deposit plus the court fee.

I can only say never give in and get everything in writing on your receipt.

It took 3 months to get my order cancelled and my money back.

I have now ordered a 100% leather sofa from elsewhere and cannot wait

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Maggi cook in the bag review

I have been a  Bzzagent member for sometime now and for one of my most recent campaigns I was sent various maggi cook in the bag, being totally honest I have never fancied doing these I have always thought that it would not work but we gave it a go and I have to say they are fantastic the first one we tried was Mexican chicken and it was so simple to do, we cut our peppers, onion and sliced our chicken breast put it all in the bag then the powder gets added you get a small tie to seal the bag  a little shaking and ready to cook we made our own spicy wedges and had a lovely salad with it.

I can honestly say I am not the most adventurous cook but like tasty food and everyone in the house has loved the flavours we have tasted so far, these take around 60 minutes to cook and minutes to prepare so ideal for busy households like ours.

I am so glad we tried these as we are loving the results, so simple and yet tastes fab.

You can get various flavours and recipes here at the maggi website.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Hot Wheels wall tracks Giveaway

We reviewed Hot Wheels wall tracks a while ago and have a fantastic Hot Wheels Daredevil curve wall track set to Giveaway to one lucky blog reader.

These are fantastic as stick to walls causing no damage to walls and do not get in mum or dads way.

So if you fancy winning be sure to enter and the more you share the more entries you get

  a Rafflecopter giveaway

The blurb
competition ends on the 16th march I will give the winner 7 days to get in touch with me after announcing on here facebook and twitter.
Open to uk only
I will check all entries to validate them.

my child hates school

For the past few weeks Michael my 8 year old has seemed very withdrawn, not himself at all and throwing a regular tantrum when I wake him of a morning for school.
He has been so withdrawn and unhappy that a teaching assistant approached my daughter who is 9 and asked her was everything ok at home her reply as she is really to the point was yes everything at home is fine his problem is school he hates it.

With winter upon us Michael's asthma has been playing up and he has had a severe cold so needed to stay at home with me, he has been fine until bedtimes and lot's of tears and wants to sleep in my bed which is not ideal when he tends to do the hokey cokey while asleep, last night I decided he was well enough to return to school today but did not mention it to him as did not want him upset going to bed.

This morning we had tears and shouting until he eventually gave himself a asthma attack, but knowing I could not back down I sent him to school anyway and have sat he worried all day wondering how my little man has coped and what mood he will be in when I collect him.

My husband spoke to his teacher this morning and explained that Michael is not happy which is unusual for him and that he was scared of teachers making fun of him yes you did read that correct, Michael explained this morning that when someone is off sick the teacher says they had diarrhoea and then the child say no I did not and the teacher says yes you did, this is done as a joke but as Michael has auditory processing difficulties and confidence issues he really does not see the funny side and if I am totally honest I don't think I would either.

Hoping I can get my little man happy again soon it is horrible watching him struggle.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

2013 wish list

I am probably like most people when new year is approaching make lots of resolutions that you never stick to, how many times I have said I am going to join the gym and lose weight and yet my only exercise is getting up to open the biscuit drawer, another favourite is stop smoking and yet I never do it.

So this year 2013 I have decided to do a wish list of things I would like to do

1) visit london, I have never been to london and would live to see all the sights.

2) Go camping, I have never slept in a tent, the thought of bugs frightens the life out of me but the children will love it.

3) learn to swim, I hate not being able to swim and its actually something I have said for years I would do.

4) take more pictures of my children my husband bought me a fantastic new camera for Christmas

5) more family time us needed life seems to pass by so quickly and I want to build as many memories as we can .

6) blog more about us and our days out use my blog as a diary to look back on.

So that's my wish list so far I will add more as the wishes come.
Being a mum is tiring and hard but the most rewarding job I have ever done this year is going to have many memories for my family hope you enjoy reading our journey.