Tuesday, 1 January 2013

2013 wish list

I am probably like most people when new year is approaching make lots of resolutions that you never stick to, how many times I have said I am going to join the gym and lose weight and yet my only exercise is getting up to open the biscuit drawer, another favourite is stop smoking and yet I never do it.

So this year 2013 I have decided to do a wish list of things I would like to do

1) visit london, I have never been to london and would live to see all the sights.

2) Go camping, I have never slept in a tent, the thought of bugs frightens the life out of me but the children will love it.

3) learn to swim, I hate not being able to swim and its actually something I have said for years I would do.

4) take more pictures of my children my husband bought me a fantastic new camera for Christmas

5) more family time us needed life seems to pass by so quickly and I want to build as many memories as we can .

6) blog more about us and our days out use my blog as a diary to look back on.

So that's my wish list so far I will add more as the wishes come.
Being a mum is tiring and hard but the most rewarding job I have ever done this year is going to have many memories for my family hope you enjoy reading our journey.


  1. I am no good with resolutions and doon't make any but one thing that I do want to do at some point is visit London.. like you I have never been and I so want to go sight seeing, (plus my youngest is desperate to go see Big Ben) I hope you had a lovely Christmas and 2013 is great whetever it holds x

  2. Thanks Sarah you too, we want to see all the sights too in london including the changing if the guards, 2013 is my year to create as many memories as I can, and do things we have always put in hold for what ever reason
    Hope you and your family have a amazing 2013 xxx