Saturday, 23 February 2013

Knowsley safari park fun

Yesterday I was delighted that my husband had a day off , I had seen a half price voucher on knowsley safari parks facebook page and thought we could put this to good use, with the weather being so cold a safari drive would be perfect.
We pick 2 of the children's friends up, we have had many days out and even held a season ticket a few years ago when they were half price still watching out for this again, as we are only 20 minutes away the children were far from bored in the car, when we arrived it was really busy in fact I have to admit I have never seen it so busy the queue went down really quickly, our safari drive for 7 of us came to a total of £46 which I thought was pretty good a lot cheaper than the cinema and most other places.

We decided to pull over at the toilets and put all the back seats down so the children could all move around and see everything they wanted everyone also had a visit to the toilet as its a long way to the next toilet stop.

We always take lots of food as my children get hungry as soon as we set off on any day out and this was no exception, we seen lots of animal and had a really good time, think it was too cold for the tigers as they were not out but the lions and monkeys were a massive hit, we do the car friendly route as Michael goes to pieces if a monkey gets on the car and to be honest it is much more fun watching them damage someone Else's car.

At the end we would have purchased a wristband if it had not been so cold, at £10 they are a bargain on warm days as lots of great rides to go on, instead we got 2 ride tickets each which are priced at £2 each.

we did not get to see the sea lions as it was full, so have promised the children we will go again soon so they can see the sea lions, the bug house was really good, and the bat house too they are all included in the safari entry which is great.
knowsley safari park is a great day out for all.


  1. I love Knowsley - you must go back and see the sea lions - that's the best bit!

  2. thanks we will go back soon, on a warmer day ;)

  3. Are the,Half price tickets Still available?thanks