Friday, 15 February 2013

my child hates school

For the past few weeks Michael my 8 year old has seemed very withdrawn, not himself at all and throwing a regular tantrum when I wake him of a morning for school.
He has been so withdrawn and unhappy that a teaching assistant approached my daughter who is 9 and asked her was everything ok at home her reply as she is really to the point was yes everything at home is fine his problem is school he hates it.

With winter upon us Michael's asthma has been playing up and he has had a severe cold so needed to stay at home with me, he has been fine until bedtimes and lot's of tears and wants to sleep in my bed which is not ideal when he tends to do the hokey cokey while asleep, last night I decided he was well enough to return to school today but did not mention it to him as did not want him upset going to bed.

This morning we had tears and shouting until he eventually gave himself a asthma attack, but knowing I could not back down I sent him to school anyway and have sat he worried all day wondering how my little man has coped and what mood he will be in when I collect him.

My husband spoke to his teacher this morning and explained that Michael is not happy which is unusual for him and that he was scared of teachers making fun of him yes you did read that correct, Michael explained this morning that when someone is off sick the teacher says they had diarrhoea and then the child say no I did not and the teacher says yes you did, this is done as a joke but as Michael has auditory processing difficulties and confidence issues he really does not see the funny side and if I am totally honest I don't think I would either.

Hoping I can get my little man happy again soon it is horrible watching him struggle.

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