Monday, 18 February 2013

Scs order and my rights to cancel

I have avoided blogging regarding this whilst it was on going but now my journey with ScS is over I wanted to share.
I really wish I had done my homework on purchases before I entered scs store back in October, I really wanted a new sofa and was browsing shops  looking for my perfect suite, I entered Scs in speke liverpool and was approached by a sales lady when I was admiring a leather suite, I was disheartened with it as the cushions were fixed I like to hoover under them and this was something I preferred, she pointed me towards my dream sofa and explained it was the most durable leather on the market, I loved it and could imagine it in my living room, now I am a sucker when it comes to buying anything which is why I had my mum and husband in tow my mum and husband asked several times was it all leather the reply was yes, she stated that if I ordered that day she could also offer me a discount with the managers consent so I agreed, the manager came over and we discussed price my mum haggled with him as that is her thing so happily I left a deposit and even took my mum for a meal, that evening I decided to show my sister the suite I had ordered online and it clearly stated that it was in fact composite leather made up of 70% leather and 30 man-made fibres, my heart sank I was paying £2500 for this suite and felt devastated that I had been lied to, the next morning I called the store and asked to speak to the manager I was put through to the assistant manager whom told me he would describe it as all leather as it is all composite leather, I explained that when I went to school all was whole and whole was 100% .

Anyway after a long battle and letter back and forth I received a letter stating they would be cancelling my order and keeping my deposit, I found this very unfair and decided I would be taking the matter further .......

I started a small claims court claim against Scs and it actually was a lot easier than I could have imagined, after they did not reply I was able to serve judgement against them and finally ScS called a refunded my deposit plus the court fee.

I can only say never give in and get everything in writing on your receipt.

It took 3 months to get my order cancelled and my money back.

I have now ordered a 100% leather sofa from elsewhere and cannot wait


  1. That's terrible, I'm sure many places would have refunded in full at the start. Glad you got it sorted in the end though

  2. thanks Helen it is so wrong that companies can get away with these things x

  3. What terrible service! I bought my leather sofa from John Lewis and I love it. Such a shame when you spend so much money and something like that takes all the enjoyment out of your purchase. Hope you love your new sofa. x