Wednesday, 27 March 2013

bad teeth, asthma steroids or antibiotics

Today I feel so emotional, my baby boy (ok not so baby but 8 years old) needs to have one of his back teeth removed after suffering for a few weeks with it, he always had such beautiful teeth and when he was younger had severe asthma and hearing problems and I really think the medications have damaged his teeth, I know this is not my fault as he would have been so poorly without the medication, no win situation.  One time he was given a prescription for 6 months of antibiotics to be taken over the winter months to help stop his eardrums perforating, he has been on steroids for over 6 years and I really feel for him, what mother does not want beautiful teeth for their children, I am picking him up from school at 2pm and dentist at 3pm I have not told him yet as I did not want him to worry, although he does know it is going to happen he just does not know it is going to be today ....... wish him and me luck.


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