Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Endometriosis hysterectomy not really a cure

I had my hysterectomy nearly 3 years ago, and I really thought that it was the best solution for my endometriosis, I was never told that the endometriosis could return until this year I started getting pains again and thought no it can not be back then 3 weeks ago I was in agony, I visited my GP who told me no it could not be back and she carried out various blood tests, the pain continued so I returned seeing a different doctor and she said endometriosis can return and I needed to see a gyny consultant, I have seen the consultant who has explained that the endometriosis could be back on different organs maybe my bowel or bladder causing the pain, I have been so bad I ended up in casualty, now I am booked in for a laparoscopy on Wednesday and dosed up on tramadol and various other pain relief, I just do not understand why I had major surgery and was never advised that it could come back.

Endometriosis is a really painful disease and I have suffered for so long, I will post more regarding my journey with this disease and the results of wednesdays findings.

Make sure you are sure if offered a hysterectomy for endometriosis that you know it can come back and is not always the answer.


  1. I suffer from bad pain in my lower back and lower tummy and wonder if this is what causes it, it has been going on for years now but i have a massive fear of the doctors and once a year I will go and say what's wrong but then be too scared to go to any follow ups. Last time I went the doctor said I need to go without my children bt it's hard getting them cared for. Sorry about messaging you regarding my prize, I feel very rude now I have read this. I hope you are feeling better soon.

  2. Thank you Olivia and don't worry about contacting me, I would try and see your doctor if your suffering, my op this time has been unsuccessful I had adhesions which they seperated during the laparoscopy but the pain came back within 48 hours, I am back very soon and am going to ask for a MRI scan as I really feel so rubbish, endometriosis is very painful I suffered terrible at ovulation times make sure you get checked out, I will get your prize off this week and thank you for being so understanding xx