Thursday, 28 March 2013

My child now has a dentist phobia

Well things did not go as planned today with Michael's tooth extraction, he had really prepared himself and knew he would have a needle being 8 years old this was a big concern but he coped fine with this part even though the dentist could of used a numbing gel prior to this and never,  I was so proud of my boy then things started to go wrong, as soon as the dentist gave him the anaesthetic he got the instruments to remove Michael's tooth, I did ask if he needed to wait for it to go numb as I always have, I was told no....... this is when things went wrong Michael said he could feel everything and it was hurting but the dentist assured me it was just the pressure he could feel, Michael went hysterical shouting it was hurting, I was starting to panic as I could see in my son's face he was scared and then the dreaded asthma kicked in...... after a few tugs and pushes and some blood I was told he is not going to let me do this today, come back when he can no longer bear the pain he will let me do it then, OK so he may have been panicking but he is only 8 years old and this was scary for him, it was so traumatic he ended up having a asthma attack in the car......... I feel so sorry for my son his little face is swollen and he is in pain, I called the dental ward at alder hey and explained my situation, that I thought my son would never enter a dentist surgery again they have agreed to see Michael, he is terrified that someone is going to look at his teeth again and I can not blame him, my child will never sit in a dentist chair again without fear in his face.
I am looking for a new dentist preferably a child friendly one.

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