Sunday, 23 March 2014

Mad Hatters tea party

Were does time go my little girl turned 11 yesterday, she decided she wanted a grown up party with tea, sandwiches and cakes, so I scoured the Charity shops for vintage tea cups and saucers I managed to find a full set of 12 with sandwich plates and 2 serving plated for a grand total of £14.99 then purchased a beautiful teapot from Asda.

Our day was fantastic with family arriving from 4pm as Thomas was at his Archery club championships, we had simple but nice sandwiches tuna and cucumber, ham and cheese also a large selection of cakes, the day was a huge success and was so much easier than our usual parties.


Thomas also came home with 2 trophies and a medal to add more cheer to the day, my children make me so proud of them.

Monday, 17 March 2014

When You think your child has dyslexia

My youngest has always struggled at school, I have always know something was quite not right, in fact to the point I have asked his teachers but always assured no he is ok, when he had his transition from year 2 to year 3 I remember crying to the head mistress that my child was going to year 3 unable to read or write I was worried, Michael is has always been quite in school and is very good at blending into the background.

When Michael was going into year 4 still struggling  my concerns were niggling but a week after he was in with his new teacher she asked me for a word and explained Michael could not copy from the board and she too was concerned, I felt like hugging his teacher finally someone who could see the same as me.
I decided to start the ball rolling myself and got a referral to a pediatric doctor, who also agreed and suggested it could be more than one thing and she would like Michael assessed for dyslexia and dyspraxia he already has auditory processing difficulties, so back in November I met the educational psychologist, his assessment finally came back and we stated that Michael has dyslexia, this is not the end of our journey to find out what SEN Michael has.

We had another appointment for his dyspraxia assessment during half term, but for now we can start getting him the support he has so badly needed, the PTA agreed a laptop for him the day we got his results which is fantastic news as he already has on for doing work at home but will have one in school also, I am meeting to find out what is being put in place for him next week and finally feel like we can move forwards.
Just shows though mum really does know best. So never doubt yourself like I did.
Keep asking and hopefully someone will listen.

my search is now on to find as much support and help for Michael so he can keep up with his peers.